CiteWeb: Following citations made easy

Have you ever waded through citation alert after citation alert, only to find that the same paper is mentioned over and over? If yes, then CiteWeb is for you.

CiteWeb is a tool that lets you follow citations to papers via ISI Web of Science. In contrast to the standard citation alerts, CiteWeb aggregates all citations and organizes them by citing paper: even papers that quote multiple tracked papers appear only once. You can follow the citations on this webpage or via RSS.

Returning users: please paste your user key to see your saved papers:

Note: There used to be a OpenID integration, which turned out to be fragile. If you used OpenID, please look at your old "stable" URL and paste the long string after the /.

New users: To import the list of tracked papers, please log in at Web of Science and click on My Citation Alerts (top of screen). Click right (in most browsers) to select "View Page Source", then copy all of the source HTML and paste it. Once you submit, you can save the list of papers and view the citations.

Disclaimer: CiteWeb is free of charge. There is no guarantee against lost data or missed citation alerts. CiteWeb does not archive the citation alerts, you can only view what ISI currently provides. I hope CiteWeb works for you and makes your life easier. As ISI may decide tomorrow to implement the same functionality, CiteWeb will not most likely not evolve into something more fancy than it currently is. However, the source code is available. You can contact me via my homepage or by leaving a comment on the announcement blog post.